Collaboration is the Key to Success

Understanding and meeting the needs of the public can be challenging. Success is achieved
by collaborating with a company with extensive background and experience - Barrett Resource Group specialized in the development of innovative communications and outreach solutions. We achieve client goals by determining target group expectations, with well-researched community outreach and public relations plans, creative opportunties for community member feedback, effective outreach and markting materials, and proactive media management.

AFR Associates understands that every company has a critical path to success. In addition to a successful product and robust sales, well-planned infrastructure, program management, and corporate social responsibility are key components. AFR Associates will collaborates with corporate management teams to develop solutions for sustainability programs, change management, outsourcing, and business continuity. 

Your Support System

The goal of our all of our services is to allow you the chance to concentrate on your business and the services you offer. Essentially, we work behind the scenes and act as your partner in success. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Customer service is our first priority.  Let us help you succeed in serving your customers, both internal and external, while we exceed your expectations as  a well-served client. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Community and Public Outreach

Coming soon: Read our client testimonials to learn more about how you can become a satisfied client!